4 Ways Custom Tally Books Can Help a Business

Custom Tally Books
Personalizing employee materials might help a company look good, but the reach of branded books and other items goes far beyond appearances. If you are considering getting custom tally books for your company, here four ways this small investment can help.

    1. Simplifying Oil and Gas Work

      Employees in the field may have lot of numbers to keep track of in the course of a day’s work. Custom inserts in tally logs provide references for anything from measurement tables to shorthand calculations that can get them through a complex operation faster. Instead of scrambling for papers or digital files, employees can access them right inside the book.

    2. Standards for Employees on the Job

      There may be some gray areas when employees start out at your company, but your tally books can help end the confusion. You have the option to include guidelines for employees right inside these logs so there is no question how they should record numbers or what company policy is when something unexpected happens at a drill site.

    3. Spreading Word about the Company

      With your company name and logo emblazoned on the cover of tally books, your employees will act as advertisers every time someone sees them in the course of their work. Quality designs and logos help a company’s branding from early on in a business. These books can help increase exposure while your company makes a name for itself.

    4. Keeping up Appearances in the Industry

      If you are already established in your industry, custom tally books helps show customers and competition that you are on par with any other operation. When you are trying to recruit and keep employees, this level of professionalism speaks volumes. Your team will know how committed you are to being the best in the field.

Whether you hope to add a professional touch to employee materials or want to spread word about your business, Holden Tally Books can help. For further information or to place an order please contact us at (800) 219-5331 or visit www.PipeTallyBooks.com.

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