Why Tally Books?

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Tally Books are by far the industry standard for the oil and gas areas, but also utilized in various other fields including engineers, surveyors, cable installers, and contractors. Versatile, by definition, they are an indispensable tool in the field, assisting in performing quick calculations, recording estimations and even as a quick reference to company policies or contacts.

Custom Tally Books marry efficiency with branding. As a functional, cost effective workplace resource, these imprinted books serve dual purpose as a marketing tool as well. A branded Tally Book encourages team morale and pride within the organization, as well as help promote your company organically. What better way to solidify brand recognition than through operational in-use, efficient custom Tally Books!

Used over and over again, these books are not only purposeful, but also valuable in branding your company or product. Seen on a regular basis, your brand and/or logo on a custom Tally Book serve as a living-breathing, priceless promotional vehicle. Ultimately your team will act as ambassadors for your company during the course of their work day.

Lacking a graphic, logo, or concept for your custom Tally Book? No problem! Our design team will be happy to assist in creating the perfect concept for you at no additional charge.

5 Tips for Making the Best Custom Tally Books

Custom Tally Books
Having custom tally books for your employees helps productivity on the job and promotes staff pride in your company. The trick is designing tally logs that allow you to access all the benefits in marketing and functionality. Here are five tips for getting custom books right.

  1. Design a great cover.

    The cover is of your custom books is the only thing most people will see, so take the time to get the layout and images right. Our staff has helped companies design great covers over the years and we are happy to help any brand that needs a hand with an order. Remember these books are effective marketing tools as well as functional tools on the job.

  2. Get the size right.

    Don’t forget about functionality when designing your custom books. Depending on the job, employees will use them for recording figures; hence, there is an ideal size and type of paper for books. Get feedback on what will work best for your team.

  3. Do the math for employees.

    Custom tally books can help your employees perform quick calculations when you include conversion tables, units of measurement and other important data in your customized inserts. These details will help them work more efficiently!

  4. Include essential information.

    Employees may need help remembering company policies when on the job or need emergency numbers when there is an incident on the work site. To get more from custom books, include this pertinent information in the available space to make it easier on new employees.

  5. Have refills ready.

    After the initial order of your custom tally books, refills can be ordered whenever need be. This option helps keep your employees working in rhythm and providing a continuity that every company needs.

We at Holden will help any company customize great tally books to market your business and help employees on the job. For further information or to place an order please visit www.PipeTallyBooks.com or contact us at (800) 219-5331.

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Tally Books

Tally books for business promotion

Tally books are an indispensable tool for companies operating in the oil and gas industries. When customized, these books can bring concrete benefits such as improved productivity, increased brand awareness, a culture of professionalism and higher employee motivation.

  1. Tally books help get the job done

    When your workers are out in the field, productivity is a big concern. A customized tally book can give employees the tools for making calculations and measurements. Rather than having your people spend precious time trying to find the right table or reference to complete a task, being able to turn to a well thought-out book can be a big timesaver. Time is money, so making an investment in some quality tally books will certainly pay off.

  2. Higher brand awareness for your company

    Give your tally books out to customers and business partners. Assuming you are providing useful materials, these books will get used again and again. With your company name being displayed prominently on a regular basis, this can only help increase brand awareness. In addition, when your employees are carrying your books around town, people will become more familiar with your company name and logo. This can be of help later on when hiring new recruits, as well as attracting new business.

  3. A culture of professionalism

    Having your own tally books helps to instill a more professional identity in your company. New workers will get a positive impression compared to the generic books that are the norm in many businesses. What’s more, experienced employees will be glad to have useful references, tables and contact details handy that make their job easier. For this reason, it may be productive to consult the more senior staff to confirm what will actually be useful on the ground.

You now know some of the significant benefits of having your own custom-made tally books. The next step is customizing your own tally books. To order or for a quote please visit www.PipeTallyBooks.com or contact us at (800) 219-5331.

4 Ways Custom Tally Books Can Help a Business

Custom Tally Books
Personalizing employee materials might help a company look good, but the reach of branded books and other items goes far beyond appearances. If you are considering getting custom tally books for your company, here four ways this small investment can help.

    1. Simplifying Oil and Gas Work

      Employees in the field may have lot of numbers to keep track of in the course of a day’s work. Custom inserts in tally logs provide references for anything from measurement tables to shorthand calculations that can get them through a complex operation faster. Instead of scrambling for papers or digital files, employees can access them right inside the book.

    2. Standards for Employees on the Job

      There may be some gray areas when employees start out at your company, but your tally books can help end the confusion. You have the option to include guidelines for employees right inside these logs so there is no question how they should record numbers or what company policy is when something unexpected happens at a drill site.

    3. Spreading Word about the Company

      With your company name and logo emblazoned on the cover of tally books, your employees will act as advertisers every time someone sees them in the course of their work. Quality designs and logos help a company’s branding from early on in a business. These books can help increase exposure while your company makes a name for itself.

    4. Keeping up Appearances in the Industry

      If you are already established in your industry, custom tally books helps show customers and competition that you are on par with any other operation. When you are trying to recruit and keep employees, this level of professionalism speaks volumes. Your team will know how committed you are to being the best in the field.

Whether you hope to add a professional touch to employee materials or want to spread word about your business, Holden Tally Books can help. For further information or to place an order please contact us at (800) 219-5331 or visit www.PipeTallyBooks.com.

Custom Tally Books vs. Generic Books: 3 Key Differences

Custom tally books for oil & gas operations

When we speak with customers planning to customize pipe tally books for oil and gas operations, sometimes there are questions about the benefits of customizing versus using standard, generic books. Here are three of the key differences.

1. Customized Logs Help Productivity

Are you trying to get more out of your employees on the same labor budget? Retraining and searching for more talent can be extremely expensive and time-consuming for a business. A simpler solution is improving the tools your employees use. Customized logs will help them by providing important reference materials at the turn of a page. Consider inserting employee manuals and contact numbers to make the books even more useful.

2. Custom Tally Books Showcase the Company

Whenever someone sees your customized books, they get a strong impression of your brand. Companies often use custom books to showcase the business name and logo as well as the company specialty. Generic books tell people nothing of the sort. For a small investment in personalized tally logs, you can have an edge up on the competition in your industry. Different printing styles for the book covers give you options on how far you like to go.

3. Employee Morale Improves When Customizing

When employees come to work every day carrying branded company books, they feel a certain amount of pride in the business, especially compared to employees of firms that do not. The option to include employee manuals and reference guides also improves employee morale. Instead of wondering how to handle tasks on site or who to call in an emergency, custom books have the answer. This touch makes employees feel valued.

When you weigh the pros and cons of custom pipe tally logs compared to generic books, there is no contest. Let our customized tally books help give your company an edge in any industry. For more information or quote please contact us at (800) 219-5331 or visit www.PipeTallyBooks.com.

3 Must-Have Features for Custom Tally Books

promotional tally books
Customized tally books offer you a way to make your business run smoother while showcasing your brand name and logo. But what are the best features to include when you design custom books? In addition to special graphics and paper sizes best for employee needs, you want to get the essentials in every book. Here are three must-have features.

Tools of the Trade

Are your employees wasting time fumbling with phones or calculators in the field? When you design books for recording figures, you have the chance to remove this common stumbling block of field operations.

Use customization to include conversion tables, units of measurement, quick calculations and any other tools of the trade that will make your employees’ jobs easier out on drilling sites. Operations improve when you anticipate holdups in the field.

Crucial Employee Documents

Are employees expected to carry company manuals with the standards for recording figures and uniform policies? Whatever company policies you consider essential for new employees, save them time by including them in custom tally books.

Take the time to condense these important documents into a few pages that fit into branded books. Employees will refer to them and stay within company guidelines while they are still learning the ways of the company.

Emergency Contacts

In the event anything happens on a job site and an employee needs to call for help, list municipal emergency lines as well as the best company contact to call inside custom books. When an accident takes place, you want to mobilize support from both company and public officials.

Along with these numbers, list the best practices for employees in case of an accident. While you hope emergency numbers and guidelines are never needed, your employees will feel safe knowing they are there.

Customized tally books offer oil and gas companies an excellent way to promote a brand and simplify operations. Make sure you get the must-haves inside your custom books. For more information or to place an order please contact us at (800) 219-5331 or visit www.PipeTallyBooks.com.

4 Mistakes to Avoid with Customized Tally Books

Custom tally booksCustomized tally books help increase a brand’s exposure while promoting pride among employees; but some work better than others. If you are considering an order of custom books for your team, remember to steer clear of the big design no-no’s. Here are four mistakes to avoid.

1. Forgetting Functionality

We design custom books according to your preferences, so you can pick the colors, printing styles, layout and other features for the front and back covers. While you’re getting everything just right, don’t forget about the functionality part. Your team will need these books to record statistics in the field, so make sure they are suitable for the requirements of the job.

2. Leaving Out Important Documents

The ability to customize inserts is one of our clients’ favorite features when ordering tally books. You have the opportunity to include tables your team needs for reference in the field, employee manuals, important phone numbers and anything else you consider essential. Run down a list with experienced employees before you order your books.

3. Bad Layouts

The layout can make or break a custom book. Have someone from your team or we at Holden can handle the layout if you are not comfortable or familiar with the process. With a good layout, your message will get across to the desired audience.

4. Poor Color Combinations

As with a bad layout, poor choices in color can doom a set of custom log books. Your company colors are best for customized materials, but in some cases you are better off trying something new to grab the attention of your audience. Don’t forget how your books will look in the sun, which is how many people will see them when employees carry them onto work sites.

Custom tally books are excellent for marketing. Let Holden help you design the perfect batch! For more information or for a quote please visit www.PipeTallyBooks.com or contact us at (800) 219-5331 .

Why Customize Tally Books for Your Business?

Customize Tally BooksThere are many options for business owners and management with branded office products. Depending on what type of operation you run, customized bags, workbooks and clothing could make an impact on customers and employees alike. Here are three reasons you should consider customizing tally books for your organization.

Customizing Saves Employees Time

When you have books set up for the way employees work, they start the day with the tools they need. New employees will find customized tables ideal for calculations they need to perform in the field. Meanwhile, anyone who works with a book will see useful the information or employee manuals you include as inserts. In each case, you are allowing for a smoother work flow that adds to your company’s efficiency and, of course, its bottom line.

Customized Tally Books Increase Brand Awareness

From a marketing standpoint, customized tally books represent your company in a professional way to whoever sees them. Whether your employees are in the field, taking a lunch break or interacting with other industry partners, the books bearing your name and logo will make an impression around town. On the other hand, generic and mismatched books of varying degrees of quality tell another story about the company in question.

Branded Products Promote Employee Loyalty

Hiring and retaining great employees is crucial to running a successful business. Branded products help instill a sense of pride in employees that is harder to get when you shy away from custom materials. In a sense, receiving a branded log book for use in the field is a symbol of accomplishment for an employee. Thus, creating a more loyal workforce allows you to focus on your company goals. Customizing business materials helps.

Customized tally books offer your business many benefits in the field and in the office. Get started on designing yours today. For more information or for a quote please contact us at (800) 219-5331 or visit www.PipeTallyBooks.com.

Digital Printed Tally Books

4 Things to Look for in Customized Tally Books

Customized pipe tally books offer many attractive features for companies. When workers are out in the field, they can refer to the books for important calculations and as a reference for company policies. Make sure you get the highest quality tally books when you decide to customize. Here are four things you should look for in custom company books.

1. Durability
Whether your employees are recording figures on a drilling site or detailing the progress of a surveying unit, the elements can take a toll on the log books they use. Make sure the tally books have a durable cover and paper with enough weight to resist tearing. Waterproof tablets are worth considering for these reasons.

2. Quality Printing
To make pipe tally books look great, you need quality print options. Full-color entrapment with vinyl backing is a popular choice, but you also have silkscreen options and full color vinyl to consider. Ask to proof your tally books before finalizing the order.

3. Options for Inserts
There is no reason to go for a standard booklet if your company needs a special layout for paper and other inserts. Ask about the full customization options when you are getting ready to order your tally books. There are wire-bound and standard options for the binding, while you can make the call on which papers are included in each book.

4. Easy Refills
Once you go through the process of designing and ordering your company’s pipe tally books, you should have the opportunity to get fast refills so there is no gap in your employees’ supply. The refill process will include a simple repeat of everything you had included in your custom books – from employee manuals and tables to emergency numbers for company staff.

Custom tally book can add a level of professionalism for any company. Consider the full range of options when placing your order. Please visit www.pipetallybooks.com or contact us at (800) 219-5331 for more information or inquiries.

Silk Screen

3 Great Custom Tally Books Designed by Our Customers

There are many different ways to design custom tally books. You can choose to go with a classic silk screen, full color entrapment behind a clear vinyl window, or printing directly on a vinyl book. We have seen customers come up with many attractive books recently. Here are three designs we believe would work for many businesses.

Entrapment with Color Photos
One Texas company that manufactures and sells oilfield equipment came up with a terrific design for custom books they ordered. Using the entrapment method, the client came up with a design that showed off every aspect of the business.

On the top is an eye-catching logo on a white background. Lower down is a lineup of the tools and equipment the company produces. Finally, the bottom line featured color photos of the company’s work in action. You have many options with entrapment tally books, our most popular style, and these books showed how much a company could do with it.

Silk Screen Simplicity
A transportation and hauling company based in Arkansas came up with one of the slickest designs for silk screen tally books we’ve seen recently. There was nothing flashy about the concept, but the color combination of forest green and royal blue over a khaki background produced a striking look.

The proportions were also perfect. On the top third was the company logo, while the middle section left plenty of white space. Contact info was located on the bottom third of the book.

Wrap-Around Color Vinyl
Full color vinyl tally books may be the hardest to pull off among the three types we offer, but one drilling company showed it could be done with the right design. Four photographs showcase what the company does on the front, while the back cover features the different locations of the company worldwide. It may be busy, but the design works.

When you want to customize your company’s oilfield logs, let Pipe Tally Books help you get the perfect design. For more information or inquiries please visit www.pipetallybooks.com or contact us at (800) 219-5331.