5 Tips for Making the Best Custom Tally Books

Custom Tally Books
Having custom tally books for your employees helps productivity on the job and promotes staff pride in your company. The trick is designing tally logs that allow you to access all the benefits in marketing and functionality. Here are five tips for getting custom books right.

  1. Design a great cover.

    The cover is of your custom books is the only thing most people will see, so take the time to get the layout and images right. Our staff has helped companies design great covers over the years and we are happy to help any brand that needs a hand with an order. Remember these books are effective marketing tools as well as functional tools on the job.

  2. Get the size right.

    Don’t forget about functionality when designing your custom books. Depending on the job, employees will use them for recording figures; hence, there is an ideal size and type of paper for books. Get feedback on what will work best for your team.

  3. Do the math for employees.

    Custom tally books can help your employees perform quick calculations when you include conversion tables, units of measurement and other important data in your customized inserts. These details will help them work more efficiently!

  4. Include essential information.

    Employees may need help remembering company policies when on the job or need emergency numbers when there is an incident on the work site. To get more from custom books, include this pertinent information in the available space to make it easier on new employees.

  5. Have refills ready.

    After the initial order of your custom tally books, refills can be ordered whenever need be. This option helps keep your employees working in rhythm and providing a continuity that every company needs.

We at Holden will help any company customize great tally books to market your business and help employees on the job. For further information or to place an order please visit www.PipeTallyBooks.com or contact us at (800) 219-5331.

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