Custom Tally Books vs. Generic Books: 3 Key Differences

Custom tally books for oil & gas operations

When we speak with customers planning to customize pipe tally books for oil and gas operations, sometimes there are questions about the benefits of customizing versus using standard, generic books. Here are three of the key differences.

1. Customized Logs Help Productivity

Are you trying to get more out of your employees on the same labor budget? Retraining and searching for more talent can be extremely expensive and time-consuming for a business. A simpler solution is improving the tools your employees use. Customized logs will help them by providing important reference materials at the turn of a page. Consider inserting employee manuals and contact numbers to make the books even more useful.

2. Custom Tally Books Showcase the Company

Whenever someone sees your customized books, they get a strong impression of your brand. Companies often use custom books to showcase the business name and logo as well as the company specialty. Generic books tell people nothing of the sort. For a small investment in personalized tally logs, you can have an edge up on the competition in your industry. Different printing styles for the book covers give you options on how far you like to go.

3. Employee Morale Improves When Customizing

When employees come to work every day carrying branded company books, they feel a certain amount of pride in the business, especially compared to employees of firms that do not. The option to include employee manuals and reference guides also improves employee morale. Instead of wondering how to handle tasks on site or who to call in an emergency, custom books have the answer. This touch makes employees feel valued.

When you weigh the pros and cons of custom pipe tally logs compared to generic books, there is no contest. Let our customized tally books help give your company an edge in any industry. For more information or quote please contact us at (800) 219-5331 or visit

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