How Custom Tally Books Can Improve Business Operations

The demands of the oil and gas industries are too numerous to mention. To maintain optimal efficiency in a business, everything from landing new projects to managing staff members and precise bookkeeping must be considered. Here is how customized tally books can help your team’s efficiency and ultimately improve your company operations.

Custom Log Books and Refills
Holden’s custom books allow your employees to avoid wasting time on the job. Instead of rearranging or reformatting a log to accommodate daily tasks, you can have special books made for the rounds the team makes. It makes both the recording and review process easier. Choose from center-sewed books, wire “O” binding, or new waterproof models made with sewn stone paper.

You also have options for customizing the cover of your company tally books. Choose the timeless quality of foil stamping or opt for custom screen-printing with your company logo and colors. The four-color system is available in direct-to-vinyl or overlay entrapment. Custom book covers make an impression out in the field when you show off your company colors.

Include Training Manuals and Corporate Documents
Constantly reprinting training manuals for field operations can be time-consuming and tedious for your staff. Custom books can include these company documents and other pieces of important business information to make the process easier and allow your team to have reference points in the field.

Once you have the perfect system set up to include in your company’s custom tally books, you never have to change the formula. Holden is happy to deliver regular refills according to your preferred specifications so your team never has to wonder about company policy or best business practices when tallying figures on the job.

Custom books for tallying figures out in the field make your company look good and help operations run smoother. For more information or inquiries please visit or contact us at 800.219.5331. We are ready to help you!