Digital Printed Tally Books

4 Things to Look for in Customized Tally Books

Customized pipe tally books offer many attractive features for companies. When workers are out in the field, they can refer to the books for important calculations and as a reference for company policies. Make sure you get the highest quality tally books when you decide to customize. Here are four things you should look for in custom company books.

1. Durability
Whether your employees are recording figures on a drilling site or detailing the progress of a surveying unit, the elements can take a toll on the log books they use. Make sure the tally books have a durable cover and paper with enough weight to resist tearing. Waterproof tablets are worth considering for these reasons.

2. Quality Printing
To make pipe tally books look great, you need quality print options. Full-color entrapment with vinyl backing is a popular choice, but you also have silkscreen options and full color vinyl to consider. Ask to proof your tally books before finalizing the order.

3. Options for Inserts
There is no reason to go for a standard booklet if your company needs a special layout for paper and other inserts. Ask about the full customization options when you are getting ready to order your tally books. There are wire-bound and standard options for the binding, while you can make the call on which papers are included in each book.

4. Easy Refills
Once you go through the process of designing and ordering your company’s pipe tally books, you should have the opportunity to get fast refills so there is no gap in your employees’ supply. The refill process will include a simple repeat of everything you had included in your custom books – from employee manuals and tables to emergency numbers for company staff.

Custom tally book can add a level of professionalism for any company. Consider the full range of options when placing your order. Please visit or contact us at (800) 219-5331 for more information or inquiries.

How Custom Pipe Tally Books Can Help a Marketing Campaign

Oil and gas companies have a great deal of competition these days, which means you need a solid marketing plan in place to differentiate your company from others in the field. One way to upgrade your position in the industry is to put your branding on pipe tally books among other workplace tools. Here is how custom tally books can help.

Impressions for Your Company Logo
There are many companies working out on drilling sites. While your team is traveling to the dig, you may as well take advantage of the surroundings. Company vehicles bearing a business logo help the effort to publicize a brand. The same goes for materials like the tally books your team uses to record figures during the course of a day’s work.

Whether taking a lunch break or standing by the side of the road, a branded tally book delivers impressions of your company logo to anyone in the vicinity.

Customized Pipe Tally Books
Putting a standard company logo on tally books is great, but there are ways to make field logs stand out to anyone who sees them. You have options in screen printing, image transfer, color coordination and book materials when designing a tally log. You can create the ultimate professional appearance when you use the customization options at your disposal.

Projecting an Organized Company
With the different options you have for adding materials to tally books, you can create a complete company guide in the logs team members use to record figures. Conversion tables, employee manuals and other features will make books one-stop references for everything your team needs. This type of organization in the field will reflect well on your company and project a strong image for your brand.

Custom pipe tally books are a great add-on for any marketing campaign. Take advantage of the available options in your next order. For more information or inquiries please visit or contact us at (800) 219.5331.

5 Great Options for Customizing Tally Books

Recording statistics and figures in the field is a crucial part of the oil and gas business. Do members of your team have the tools they need for easy field operations? Customized pipe tally books can help your staff stay organized and keep operations humming. Here are five options for customizing books that might help.

1. Employee manual inserts
New employees have a great deal of information to absorb when they join your company. Why not have an easy reference inside book they can use to record figures out in the field? Customized logs have spaces for employee manuals so they can refer to the same book if there is any confusion about company policy.

2. Tables of measurements
Another customizable feature of log books involves measurement tables. References for calculating thermal gradient, bottom hole pressure or stretch due to weight in hole can appear in the front or back of your custom books.

3. Best practices
You cannot always have a supervisor repeating your company’s best practices to employees logging figures out on a drill site. Leaving them on their own shouldn’t be a concern when you have tally books with the best practices printed on either cover. Reinforce your team’s know-how without having to contact them directly.

4. Company contacts and emergency services
The ability to contact company officials is crucial when something happens at a job site. Your log books can have easy reference to important company contacts should there ever be an issue on the job. Reference of emergency service contact numbers will also keep your team feeling secure when they head out for a day’s work.

5. Custom sizing and labeling
Your company’s tally books can be customized for each different field unit. Whether they need long, narrow pages for fast recording or wider books for detailed information, you can get a customized book to make the work easier and keep company operations running apace.

Holden Tally Books gives your business many options for customizing premium field books. For more information or to get started please visit or contact us at 800.219.5331.

4 Tips to Make Pipe Tally Books More Useful

Since you have the option to customize pipe tally books for your business, there are many ways to create a more useful work tool for your team. But where do you begin? Here are four tips for making your tally books a true staff helper out in the field.

Custom Layouts
Whether your business requires frequent notations or highly detailed notes out in the field, there is a way to customize the layout to make the job easier. Taller books offer team members a way to organize quick notations better, while wider layouts make it easier when the details are important. Your business already has a clear system of operations. Why not adjust company tools for better operations?

Ringed or Hardbound
Depending on the function of the employees using the logs, there may be a need for either hardbound books, soft copies or ringed books. You can customize your company books in a standard fashion or order several different styles of pipe tally books for the different tasks your team must address. Whatever you choose, there is a durable tally book worth customizing.

Included Refill Pages
Custom books will make work on oil rigs easier for your entire staff, but don’t forget about the books running out of pages. You can order refills according to the same specifications as your books when you make your original order. Using this system, there will be no need to worry about adjusting to new books or making do while the refills are on the way.

Inserts with Company Policy
Even seasoned employees can forget the standard reporting format for different figures out in the field. You can avoid confusion by including inserts with company policies inside your pipe tally books. It is an excellent way to have a reference for new team members and provide a reassuring detail for tenured employees. Training manuals and other company documents are excellent for tally book inserts as well.

Tally books are a very useful tool for employees in the field. For more information please visit or contact us at 800.219.5331 with any questions.

Supplies for Oil and Gas

People often forget that the world of oil and gas isn’t powered entirely by pipes and wrenches. There’s a lot of planning, writing, and tracking to be done, and keeping accurate records in the field is absolutely vital if you hope to ensure your business runs smoothly in the future. In fact, one of the most useful supplies for oil and gas operations isn’t a giant heavy digger or an expensive drilling apparatus — it’s a simple pipe tally book. Pipe tally books give your field employees a reliable method for logging the day’s work and ensure your backend employees always have a clear record of how things are going on the frontlines.

Pipe Tally Books offers a wide range of custom tally books suitable for any industry use. All of our tally book offerings can be fully customized with your brand and logo, and we even offer full color entrapment and full color vinyl tally books for even greater control over the final aesthetic of the product. We back these tally books up with a complete line of pad options including waterproof stone paper, wire-bound refill pads, standard pads, and completely customized pads made to order. Whatever you need your tally book to do, we can make it happen.

The most important element of our pad designs? Durability. Life in the fields is tough and requires that employees stay on task even when conditions aren’t ideal. High-quality materials and detail-oriented design ensure that tally books from Pipe Tally Books will stand the test of time no matter how tough conditions get. And while it may not seem like a custom tally book is needed for your employees, we believe that supplies and products branded with your name help to build a sense of pride in your organization and the work it does.

Overall, tally books are an often overlooked item on a checklist of supplies for oil and gas. Though they’re simple in form and function, tally books can have a marked impact on the efficiency and safety of your employees in the field. For more information or inquiries about Holden tally books please visit https://www.pipetallybooks.comcontact/ or contact us 800.219.5331.