Supplies for Oil and Gas

People often forget that the world of oil and gas isn’t powered entirely by pipes and wrenches. There’s a lot of planning, writing, and tracking to be done, and keeping accurate records in the field is absolutely vital if you hope to ensure your business runs smoothly in the future. In fact, one of the most useful supplies for oil and gas operations isn’t a giant heavy digger or an expensive drilling apparatus — it’s a simple pipe tally book. Pipe tally books give your field employees a reliable method for logging the day’s work and ensure your backend employees always have a clear record of how things are going on the frontlines.

Pipe Tally Books offers a wide range of custom tally books suitable for any industry use. All of our tally book offerings can be fully customized with your brand and logo, and we even offer full color entrapment and full color vinyl tally books for even greater control over the final aesthetic of the product. We back these tally books up with a complete line of pad options including waterproof stone paper, wire-bound refill pads, standard pads, and completely customized pads made to order. Whatever you need your tally book to do, we can make it happen.

The most important element of our pad designs? Durability. Life in the fields is tough and requires that employees stay on task even when conditions aren’t ideal. High-quality materials and detail-oriented design ensure that tally books from Pipe Tally Books will stand the test of time no matter how tough conditions get. And while it may not seem like a custom tally book is needed for your employees, we believe that supplies and products branded with your name help to build a sense of pride in your organization and the work it does.

Overall, tally books are an often overlooked item on a checklist of supplies for oil and gas. Though they’re simple in form and function, tally books can have a marked impact on the efficiency and safety of your employees in the field. For more information or inquiries about Holden tally books please visit https://www.pipetallybooks.comcontact/ or contact us 800.219.5331.