4 New Features Available for Custom Tally Books

If you need tally books for your business, you might be wondering what the benefits of custom books might be. Certainly, a one-size-fits-all approach will fit the bill for basic functions, but a customized approach gives you ways to improve operations. Here are four new features to make your books more useful.

Full Digital Color Entrapment

The quality of digital printing continues to improve. In the latest full color entrapment system Holden Books uses, digital color inserts with custom creative work slip behind a clear vinyl window. The finished product is a sophisticated book that has customizable options for the inner pages as well.

Compostable Stone Paper Pads

Stone paper is denser (or equality in density to) regular paper and can be recycled with No. 2 plastics. Advantages over regular wood paper include the lack of static charge, grease resistance and its latex-like material that is difficult to tear. This paper source for tally books is available in two sizes and is available for replacement pads as well. They are compostable in commercial settings and photodegradable.

Unlimited Color Selection for Silk Screen Books

Silk screen tally logs are a popular option for companies sending out teams for field work on a daily basis. If you need a one- or two-color imprint, you can get the front and back cover done for the same price in either size book. Unlimited ink color selection is now being offered along with complimentary Pantone Matching System (PMS) service for your selected colors.

Custom Insert Pads

Whether you would like tables of measurement, employee guidelines or other useful documents inside your company’s logs, you have options from Holden Books. Customized books give your employees exactly what they need rather than some materials that do not apply to your line of work. Ask about every option and instant refill orders.

Custom Holden Tally Books give business owners many options for employees heading out into the field. For more information or to place an order please visit www.pipetallybooks.com or contact us at (800) 219.5331.