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3 Great Custom Tally Books Designed by Our Customers

There are many different ways to design custom tally books. You can choose to go with a classic silk screen, full color entrapment behind a clear vinyl window, or printing directly on a vinyl book. We have seen customers come up with many attractive books recently. Here are three designs we believe would work for many businesses.

Entrapment with Color Photos
One Texas company that manufactures and sells oilfield equipment came up with a terrific design for custom books they ordered. Using the entrapment method, the client came up with a design that showed off every aspect of the business.

On the top is an eye-catching logo on a white background. Lower down is a lineup of the tools and equipment the company produces. Finally, the bottom line featured color photos of the company’s work in action. You have many options with entrapment tally books, our most popular style, and these books showed how much a company could do with it.

Silk Screen Simplicity
A transportation and hauling company based in Arkansas came up with one of the slickest designs for silk screen tally books we’ve seen recently. There was nothing flashy about the concept, but the color combination of forest green and royal blue over a khaki background produced a striking look.

The proportions were also perfect. On the top third was the company logo, while the middle section left plenty of white space. Contact info was located on the bottom third of the book.

Wrap-Around Color Vinyl
Full color vinyl tally books may be the hardest to pull off among the three types we offer, but one drilling company showed it could be done with the right design. Four photographs showcase what the company does on the front, while the back cover features the different locations of the company worldwide. It may be busy, but the design works.

When you want to customize your company’s oilfield logs, let Pipe Tally Books help you get the perfect design. For more information or inquiries please visit or contact us at (800) 219-5331.

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