3 Must-Have Features for Custom Tally Books

promotional tally books
Customized tally books offer you a way to make your business run smoother while showcasing your brand name and logo. But what are the best features to include when you design custom books? In addition to special graphics and paper sizes best for employee needs, you want to get the essentials in every book. Here are three must-have features.

Tools of the Trade

Are your employees wasting time fumbling with phones or calculators in the field? When you design books for recording figures, you have the chance to remove this common stumbling block of field operations.

Use customization to include conversion tables, units of measurement, quick calculations and any other tools of the trade that will make your employees’ jobs easier out on drilling sites. Operations improve when you anticipate holdups in the field.

Crucial Employee Documents

Are employees expected to carry company manuals with the standards for recording figures and uniform policies? Whatever company policies you consider essential for new employees, save them time by including them in custom tally books.

Take the time to condense these important documents into a few pages that fit into branded books. Employees will refer to them and stay within company guidelines while they are still learning the ways of the company.

Emergency Contacts

In the event anything happens on a job site and an employee needs to call for help, list municipal emergency lines as well as the best company contact to call inside custom books. When an accident takes place, you want to mobilize support from both company and public officials.

Along with these numbers, list the best practices for employees in case of an accident. While you hope emergency numbers and guidelines are never needed, your employees will feel safe knowing they are there.

Customized tally books offer oil and gas companies an excellent way to promote a brand and simplify operations. Make sure you get the must-haves inside your custom books. For more information or to place an order please contact us at (800) 219-5331 or visit www.PipeTallyBooks.com.

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