Digital Printed Tally Books

Is Customizing Worth It?

Oilfield workers face many challenges in the course of a day’s work. From tough weather conditions to calculations that require automatic conversions, your employees may find it tough to record figures without exerting the maximum effort. That creates unnecessary stress on work sites. Here are ways customized oilfield tally books make the job easier.

Company Policies and Manuals

Training employees to handle a new job is exhausting for management and for workers heading out into the field. Rather than expecting them to remember every company policy and standard for recording, include this information in tally books they use in the field. The easy point of reference is bound to save time and increase productivity in oilfield employees.

Tables of Conversion

No one can remember every equation and system of conversion when out recording figures. Custom inserts give you the opportunity to put the most useful measurements and conversion tables inside the book’s cover. With this option your team can focus on a single book rather than several.

Useful Techniques

Along with company policies about recording figures and workplace conduct, custom tally books can include a list of best practices for employees learning the trade. These techniques serve as secondary resources that reinforce the information learned in training. Over time, the reminders make it easier for employees to do their jobs correctly.

Important Contact Information

Employees may be looking for numbers to call for repairs on vehicles or emergency services in the course of a day’s work. Inserting these important contact numbers inside tally books provides valuable peace of mind and allows them focus on the task at hand.

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